A 360 for the Forward-Thinking Organization

The biggest cost in the 360 review process is organizational time. Having every employee rate a number of others is a massive undertaking. It's an investment in the only resource you can't make more of, time. Yes, you should absolutely do it, but are you getting the organizational benefit you deserve? Are you using the data to assess current skills gaps in your organization? Future needs? Are you creating a heatmap of skills, attitudes and behaviors across your organization informs a coherent strategic human capital plan?

If your organization's 360 experience has become a tick-box exercise then we need to talk

360 Spark's unique approach provides:

  • Rich, unstructured data on individual performance across your organization
  • Organization-wide insight on expectations, trends, and performance that consider both hard and soft skills as well as attitudes and behaviors
  • Deep insight that can support any HR process from sourcing and hiring, to job profiles, compensation, structure, and organizational development