We use cutting-edge artificial intelligence to capture and transcribe complete interviews. Our human experts then train an AI in real time to see patterns and find trends in the data. This human-AI partnership allows our human writers to quickly see the data and shape accurate, meaningful insight that is a true composite of feedback. It removes individual writer bias, enables true scalability, and assures a consistent quality product.

But it doesn’t end there, not only can we draw inferences within your data, but our body of understanding grows with each and every 360 we complete, allowing us to draw likely inferences between every individual we have studied. We can augment the pattern recognition of the respondents themselves, enabling us to hear what respondents don’t say as well as what they do say—for example, to highlight other issues you may be facing or will likely face in the future based on where you are right now.

As we conduct 360s we are actively building a data cube of human performance—understanding across time, industry, country, job type and grade what makes performance outstanding and what are the biggest impediments to satisfaction and results. This insight is driven by those who know best, by a cross-selection of peers who interact most with an individual in any given role. As this cube continues to grow, it allows us to provide additional real time insight to your organization that can be used in role profiling, internal and external recruiting, job placement, talent management, performance management, and culture change. Human capability is the biggest differentiator of the 21st Century.

We empower the world to see more clearly and act more certainly


360 Spark was founded by two former consultants who spent the last decade delivering high end 360s to an elite band of business leaders. After seeing first hand the enormous impact feedback can have on individuals, teams and organizations, we sought for a way to share these tools with a much wider audience. Thus 360 Spark was born.

We are driven to empower everyone to see further, act bolder, and reach higher, to positively impact themselves and the world around them.


We are privileged to work with some of the best talent in some of the worlds best companies, both large and small.

To Get Insight We Use Great Minds

Our team of expert researchers are based in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. All have advanced degrees from leading research universities and an average of 10 years direct business experience. We all share a common passion for linking people with reality. 

We believe that the world is a better place when we understand each other, ourselves, and the ideas that shape us.

Central to our mission, we also provide Concept 360s free to worthwhile causes seeking to gain traction, or to emerging concepts, ideas and technology that may be poorly understood. If you have a cause or innovation that you would like to nominate, please let us know.

True feedback is a gift. It's a selfless act of courage. It's true human connection.