Gain a 360 view of the world through
customized, personalized 360 feedback 

Studies Show that 360 reports are the most effective method of gaining
personal insight into your performance, strengths and areas for growth. We provide
high-end executive 360 reviews through direct conversational interviews.



We collect 360 feedback through direct 1-1 conversations with those who know you best. This is no tick box exercise. You get all the nuance and all the insight inherent in a custom, tailored approach.


Our individually written reports are constructed with the best of art and science to give you actionable insight. We give you the knowledge you need to be your best self. We combine human and artificial intelligence to deliver that insight.


Using a third party to collect your data makes the feedback both less risky and less emotional for everyone. Your respondents get to the good stuff, and you hear their feedback more gently. More impact, less pain. It's a no-brainer.

Want to see a sample 360 report? Get a sample report from our custom 360 here:

Insight on anything in one simple package


Gain consensus and accelerate anything by conducting a 360 on a strategy, an idea, an approach, or a product or service. Get the lay of the land quickly, painlessly, and accurately. Get the perspective you need to move forward fearlessly.



Which 360 solution is best for you?

DIY Software Custom 360Spark
You ask your own network for feedback directly You use an automated system to survey your network and create a standard report You use consultants to personally interview your network and write a custom report You get the best of all: custom 1-1 interviews, backed by technology for scalability
  • Takes an investment of your time
  • People may not be willing or able to tell you the whole truth directly to your face
  • Can be uncomfortable for your respondents and for you, limiting its effectiveness
  • Survey based on numbers and provides limited additional insight
  • Open-ended responses (typing) can be tracked to the individual who wrote it (not safe = not as true)
  • Can become a tick-box exercise with limited impact
  • Expensive and opaque pricing
  • Not scalable across your wider organization; reserved for top executives
  • Only as good as the person asking the questions and writing the report: quality varies widely between thousands of small vendors
  • ✓ 1-1 interviews with your network provide greatest insight
    ✓ Use of technology creates efficiencies and ensures consistency
    ✓ A custom service at a non-custom price

    How we stack up:

    DIY Software Custom 360Spark
    Choose your own questions
    Choose your own respondents
    Get results quickly
    Consistent across your organization
    Rapidly scalable
    Unattributable (risk-free) feedback
    Searching, 1-1 interviews
    Custom hand-written report

    Get the 360 Degree Insight You Deserve
    In the Way that You Need

    So, you want some feedback, or maybe you don't but you really need it. What are your options?

    "There's a high chance you'll both leave mildly frustrated"

    1. ask people yourself

    If you're brave enough and if you work with mature, accomplished people you can walk up to someone and say "hey, please tell me three things I'm really good at and three things I can improve on." They'll recoil in horror, try to mask it, then when they work out you're serious they'll tell you something close enough to the truth to get rid of you, and far enough away from the truth to ... well, get rid of you.

    Of course, this is riddled with problems: It's uncomfortable for both you and the person on the spot, so they'll almost always hold something back. They'll downplay the negative and overplay the positive because they don't want to make you feel bad, because they fear a loss of relationship, or they just don't care about you enough to invest the time. It will take hours to get to the bottom of it in meandering, luke-warm debate, and whenever you get near the truth you'll find it hard not to defend yourself right then and there, further hampering their ability to speak candidly and your ability to hear the truth. There's a high chance you'll both leave mildly frustrated and you still won't have the clarity you crave or the insight you invested in.

    How many times will you repeat the process with your peers and superiors? Once? Twice? Will you ask ten people for feedback? Because that's what you need to do.

    2. try an online 360

    You generate an email, everyone gets a survey. Two weeks later you receive graphs rating your communications style and your creativity on a scale of 1-10 (Nice to see your problem solving is a 7 this year, up from 6.5 last year.) You also get a few paragraphs of open text from your respondents. It's full of generalities and lacks resonance and heft.


    You spend a while trying to work out who wrote what, which isn't hard, and pat yourself on the back for having no major flaws to work on: which is what you knew deep down anyway, so it's not completely unexpected. Mission accomplished.

    Anyone who has ever participated on either end of one of these knows it was an exercise in futility. Deep down there were the nagging doubts that the process was neither safe, nor anonymous. It was somehow too short and at the same time completely inconvenient. It wasn't structured in a way that let you get to what was really important. Some would say it was a waste of time.

    Congratulations, you just reminded your entire network of your flaws and received feedback in a way that means you'll never change them. Perfect.

    3. roll out a custom 360

    Or you can do what the best executives in the world do: you commission a custom 360 report from trained facilitators who do the asking for you. They ask meaningful, pre-vetted questions that get to the heart of the matter in a way that is natural, disarming and convenient for your network.

    Then they deliver you the news in an unbiased, palatable, powerful form that enables you to actually do something about it.

    Your network feel the reassuring hand that you are surrounded by experts who respect their time and their opinion. The process is cathartic as they finally say out loud exactly what they wish they could tell you to your face (which is exactly what they rehearsed in the shower when they were pondering why you did what you did the day before). They see you make personal progress as a quantum leap, a new level of change unknown to you previously in life and secretly wonder how you were able to change so quickly, while also reluctantly admiring your newfound understanding, guts, and drive.